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Final Stability Checks

so i was finishing up my overclock, overall i managed to get a stable FSB at 265mhz, left my HT Link and NB multi's at 8x, while my CPU multi's at 11x, this in effect gives me a frequency of 2915 on the CPU and 2120mhz on the NB and HT Link. My memory was left on a 1:2 stepping which in effects leaves it at 1060mhz. My voltages are as follows, my vCore 1.300v, NB 1.3250v, and DDR2 at 2.20v, also my PCI-e was OC'ed to 115mhz, and voltage to 1.12v. Finally the temperatures were pretty stable 34c idle and 48c heavy load, if i add ice to the water it goes down to about 35c at full load. Here are the confirmations:

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