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MAGI OS Update/Nerv Wallpaper

So v1 of MAGI OS is done and here is the wall


MAGI OS v0.1.002

So these are the vectors for NERV, still working on the MAGI logos


The Singularity is Approaching!

Yes yes, i do believe we will reach the singularity, and with Google's plan to acquire ITA, it kind of makes me feel they are going to be the source of singularity, all data collected in the hands a a mega corporation, not a bad thing i guess, more centralized, makes things easier for me!!! Just remember one thing, they less you tell others about yourself the less they will know, all the privacy you have is in your head, so keep it there!!!


Well turns out this is my "crazy" spin-off blog of Bluphase, where I basically type in random stuff haha. No relation whatsoever to Bluphase. Anyways after a long hiatus here we are again!
*this blog in no way reflects the views of Bluphase, just a simple disclaimer haha*



Well, what can I say, I was born to be up in the air, that is where I belong! It has been my dream come true, I think that speaks for itself! Thank you Wayo for making my dream come true!


Angel Beats

Cute Yui-nyan from Angel Beats!
Funny personality and funny hair style!
My type of gal! lol


Linux GUI

Been messing around once again with linux, messing with the GUI, making it look nice! anyways here are a couple of screen shots, check out the cylinder with 3D windows! see i'm not that far behind the times!


Hackin... and crackin

well recently rejoined my old cracking group, pretty fun, i guess ill be uploading link to files later on!



So they sent me this picture, from hayate, hilarous, and of course very original!


A true bro

So im having a wonderful morning(sarcastically speaking), and they send me this photo.......


Things I Realized in Vegas....

soooo.....I came up with several topics for papers I can write in the future...


My Love....

oi..... i'm in love..... my new love.... the Bellagio...